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"Sam Veck, a young actor who plays the part of Will is an absolute revelation. A name to watch. And I'm known to have an astute eye for spotting young talent."

Linnie Reedman - Director

"*Judith and Hamnet* is a deeply moving, brilliantly acted, and aesthetically focused play. It's smart, even philosophically sophisticated, but it wears it's learning lightly, and that's all to the good. Victoria Baumgartner and Sam Veck's first order of business is storytelling, and they go about this task with all the resources theater puts at their disposal: the body, the voice, language, and the rapt imaginations of their audience."

Kevin Curran - Associate Prof. in English and Renaissance Drama at the University of Lausanne (Switzerland)


"Sam Veck is a multi-faceted, subtle and strong artist. His ability to tackle extreme emotions and ordinary situations within the same scene makes him a very malleable yet powerfully creative actor.

His mastery over his physical and vocal range render his performance fascinating to watch.

Veck’s movement work in particular gives us a new understanding of gravity.

In the rehearsal room, Veck is decisive, focused and calm, dedicating all his energy to the task at hand. On stage, he gives a fresh, rooted and electric performance every night, always.

Sam Veck is truly unique and authentic. A rough diamond."

Victoria Baumgartner - Writer, Shakespeare Specialist and Offie-nominated Director

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