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Sam Veck is a young actor, trained musician/singer and professional dancer based in London with ten years of experience performing on fringe, national and international stages.
Formally a musical theatre actor, he's recently broken into more mature roles in more intimate settings with rave reviews.  Represented by Christina Beyer, with training from RADA and the National Youth Theatre, he looks forward to creating exciting new work in the future, in whatever form that may take.


Are you represented?

Yes, I'm represented as an actor by Christina Beyer.

If you wish to get in contact with Christina, please email

Have you trained?

I have completed a multitude of short courses over my career which have given me a broad understanding of acting technique,  a strong actor's discipline and a unique skill set. These courses in fantastic institutions like the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, National Youth Theatre and the International School of Screen Acting.

Can you sing?
Are you musical?

As well as being a strong baritone singer with a grade 8 qualification, I also play a wide range of musical instruments including the Drums (Grade Eight), the Piano, the Clarinet, the Guitar and the Mandolin.

Do you dance?

I'm an experienced dancer with advanced training in ballet, both classical and contemporary, as well as free movement. I co-facilitate a movement workshop called 'Embodying Shakespeare' with my artistic-partner, Victoria Baumgartner.

Do you have an ear for accents?

I have a good ear for accents - my strongest being RP (standard and heightened), London, general American, Scouse, Irish, Scottish and West Country.

Can you stage fight?

I have a solid understanding of both armed and unarmed stage combat, being taught by the likes of Bret Yount (RADA). I have experience in particular with rapier work and am comfortable fighting in tight spaces.

Do you write?

Aside from acting, I'm also an experienced playwright, having been mentored by Ryan Craig at the National Theatre. For further information and to read my work, please feel free to get in touch.

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