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Sam Veck is an actor with eleven years of experience performing across the West End, the UK and Internationally, starting his professional career as a child. Aside from being trained as an actor (at RADA), he's also a versatile dancer, musician and writer, currently touring Europe as Movement Director for Will & Compagnie.



Victoria Baumgartner:

"Sam Veck is a multi-faceted, subtle and strong artist. His ability to tackle extreme emotions and ordinary situations within the same scene makes him a very malleable yet powerfully creative actor.

His mastery over his physical and vocal range render his performance fascinating to watch.

Veck’s movement work in particular gives us a new understanding of gravity.

In the rehearsal room, Veck is decisive, focused and calm, dedicating all his energy to the task at hand. On stage, he gives a fresh, rooted and electric performance every night, always.

Sam Veck is truly unique and authentic. A rough diamond."


"Sam Veck, as Shakespeare, is a revelation. In a dazzling natural performance, he tackles the sense of period with a rock star's sensibility."

Jonathon Evans, Spy in the Stalls

"Sam Veck delivers a monumental performance as the young Will, throwing heart and soul into the character."

Felicity Peel, Everything Theatre

"Sam Veck, a young actor who plays the part of Will is an absolute revelation. A name to watch. And I'm known to have an astute eye for spotting young talent."

Linnie Reedman



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